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Hello to everyone one who has found me here at browardcountypublicrecordssite. I want to formally introduce myself and give some disclosure on this project. My name is Sal, and I am a resident of Broward County FL. I have lived here for over 17 years and have seen some pretty remarkable changes over the years in our public office. There has been what I see as an infiltration of corporate agendas in our state offices. Being witness to decreasing regulations for corporate dumping and polluting, while simultaneously watching tax rates decrease for large business, but yet increase for public tax payers has irked me in such a way that I want to help spread awareness and change. This is not a public records site in the typical sense, where I disclose sex offenders and such, but rather it is a space for public disclosure of the local, national and global dismantling of city and state ordinances, in favor of promoting corporate agendas.This epidemic reaches far beyond Broward County, the state of Florida and even the United States. Unfortunately we are in the midst of a reformation of governance that is threatening the very sovereignty of our local, state, and national governments, due to corporate intervention.

I hope to inspire Broward County and the country, to take preventative action in their local communities to halt what I see as a corporate overhaul of public power. I want to disclose the “corporate offenders” who are committing crimes against the public, in order to promote public action. Though all of these stories documents released on this page will not affect all of us directly, we are all indirectly affected by the wave of local governments dwindling sovereignty.¬†Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you find great value in this site.

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