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With the growing trend of state legalization for marijuana, I think it is important to address why it’s illegal in the first place. Marijuana has been a subject of controversy for as long as it has been discovered. Its mind-altering effects have been undergoing tests for years, to develop a better understanding of this mysterious herb. The government claims that the plant is harmful to human health, and can induce mind-altering states of consciousness, which can impair the user. Though it is quite peculiar that the illegal drug is legal in some states, even prescribed as a remedy for pain, by doctors, for patients with diseases such as glaucoma or cancer. You have to ask yourself, why in one state residents are being thrown in jail for consuming the drug, while citizens in a bordering state may be administered the drug for medicinal purposes? How is there such a drastic difference in punishment between two states, that both reside in the United States of America? Can the government not come to a clear consensus of whether this plant is beneficial to our health or dangerous?

Have we as Americans lost our right to make our own choices. Our have we accepted the fact that a few men and women are making decisions for us on what we can and cannot do. Most will argue that these men and women are making these choices based on our well being, which I believe to be true a majority of the time. Though why do we submit to everything we are told to do, without even receiving a valid reason as to why. “Some people ask why should marijuana be legalized?” but we should ask “Why should marijuana be illegal?” From a philosophical point of view, individuals deserve the right to make choices for themselves. The government only has a right to limit those choices if the individual’s actions endanger someone else. This does not apply to marijuana, since the individual who chooses to use marijuana does so according to his or her own free will.

Despite the fact that marijuana criminalizes many hardworking and genuine citizens each year, there are also other aspects to it that ought to be evaluated. The amount of money that would be saved, if the government would legalize marijuana would be huge. With the money spent on law enforcement, the unrealized taxes that could come from marijuana, and the cost of imprisoning marijuana cost the U.S. government an absurd amount of money. It’s reported that it would take you and 20 others to pay for one person serving a jail sentence for a drug crime. It is in these times that we as a country need to consider alternative methods of eliminating our national debt. Marijuana could be a major contributor to a debt free America. Yet in a country controlled by the media and what we are told, is it possible that we make decision for ourselves based on what we feel is right? Or will we just continue to succumb to what we are told is wrong and right?

There are many strange laws in the United States, for example in some states it is illegal to mow your lawn on certain days, and in some states it is illegal to drive your car at certain hours. Though over the years these laws have been disregarded due to their out-dated nature. There is still no law in existence that is more fascinating than the criminalization of a plant. The last time I checked this planet belonged to the collective whole, meaning that everything natural on this earth is for all to consume. And to allow a group of people to establish rules and laws on what we are and are not allowed to consume is wildly absurd. The day you cannot make judgments for yourself is the day you have given up your rights, and it seems as though we as Americans have given up our rights, and allowed other people to make our decisions. Others views and beliefs have seemingly become our own, that is until, we can stand up and make our own decisions.

As state elections begin to propose marijuana decriminalization and legalization, and you decide to not support it, you should ask yourself why you would not do such a thing. With substantial evidence now surfacing on the purported health benefits of cannabis, and its potential use as a treatment for AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, and more. What would make you for even an instance think to not support such a thing. I think it comes down to the reason we support a lot of what we support, not because our beliefs, but because of the beliefs projected on us by others. Don’t support wars, laws or people you don’t personally trust or believe in. Think for yourself, that’s the only way you can earn your individual sovereignty.


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