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Yes we are talking politics. Not in an effort to further clutter your media outlets with more election jargon, but to talk about important aspects about the election and why it touches so many strings with many of us.

First off the elections are an integral part of what it means to be an American, or so we are told. Many will tell you that it is your responsibility to vote, because so many fought before us to earn the rights. They will also follow that up with, if you don’t vote you can’t complain.

While it is true that many fought before us to establish the right to vote, there is also truth in the fact that the fight is not over. Being able to vote is not the peak of liberal freedom. In fact it’s only the base of new obstacles we must climb.

How can having the right to choose between two people that many passionately dislike, be freedom?

A choice between the lesser of two evils is not a choice.

Recently a business owner friend of mine who owns a plumbing company in Mesa Arizona said publicly on his timeline that not voting may be the most impactful way to exercise your right to vote. At first I did not agree, and the idea to just throw away your vote like that was irresponsible.

However like I said earlier choosing between the lesser of two evils does not seem like the right choice either.

If you follow philosophies like the secret, or think and grow rich, they tell you to envision and think of what you want, not what you don’t want.

When we base a decision based of what we don’t want, were in many ways submitting to not really having a choice.

Do you want sausage or bacon? What if you are a vegetarian and you want neither.

I believe in many ways being the president is becoming less and less desirable for qualified candidates. Candidates are ridiculed and publicly scrutinized to a level that often times ruins their public image permanently. Not to mention the cost of entry. Campaigning are extremely expensive, and if your not a billionaire (cough) than you you must succumb to corporate interests in order to receive funding (cough). Sound familiar?

Campaign funding definitely highlights a flaw in our political system and a way for corporations to creep their way into political power.  By making substantial donations to campaigns, corporations pretty much get an I owe you for the future. Or direct influence on a policy that they have spoken directly to the candidate about behind close doors.

This just brings the autonomy of the government into further question. How can corporations legally have so much affect on politicians. They essentially fund their way into office, with good faith that the president will honor their interests once they are in the white house.

This situation is even further concerning when you consider what happens when large interests get together, and create super pacs to support a candidate.

Just like I discussed with the revolving door, the line between corporate interests and governmental interests are becoming increasingly similar.

Now ask yourself, who funds the interests of the general public?

And sure you may fall for the campaigning of one of these individuals, but what happens when they get into to office? Do they still support things that they said to get elected, or do they begin repaying the interest of their financiers?

It was once said to me that politicians ought to be like nascar drivers and wear their sponsors on their uniform. Perhaps if we better understood the type of corporate sponsorship a candidate was accepting, and understood whose interests that may be seeking to repay, than we could make a more educated vote.

Hopefully something I said will spark you to reconsider why you vote, and who you vote for, or at least entertained you for a few minutes.



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